Youth and Young Adult Bible Study, Tuesdays at 6pm

Member Care

In the spirit of love and unity, New Bethel believes in reaching out to members to provide individualized support and encouragement during times of need.  We offer the following services to our members: 


Member Visitation

When members are hospitalized or confined to their homes due to illness or disability, we have deacons, ministers, and other caring members who visit them to lift their spirits and provide support.  Our deacons and ministers will also serve communion and pray for members for healing and comfort.  If you or a loved one are in need of visitation, contact the church office or complete the Visitation Form.


Grief Support Services
Transitioning through the death of a loved one can be one of the most challenging times an individual has to endure.  Knowing this, New Bethel has ministries in place which are specially designed to extend much needed comfort, encouragement, and support to bereaved members and their families.   


  • Barnabas Ministry – The purpose of this ministry is to provide prayer, comfort, and support to bereaved members and their families.  Ministry members visit the homes of the bereaved at least once to offer their condolences as well as minister to and fellowship with them and their families as appropriate.  


  • Good Samaritan Ministry – This ministry was designed to provide comfort, assistance, and meals for bereaved families in the church.  Ministry members organize the preparation of food and/or food baskets and then deliver the food to the homes of the bereaved families the evening before the funeral. They also extend comfort and prayer to the families at the time of food delivery, ensuring they are strengthened for the day ahead.

We also provide a Homegoing Planning Guide to assist with making funeral arrangements as stress-free as possible.


Counseling Services

Consistent with our Vision statement to “build up and empower the total person,” counseling services are offered to promote spiritual health and development.  Our counseling services assist members in making appropriate life changes in order to improve their emotional health, spiritual maturity, and quality of life.  The services offered include:


  • Stephen Ministry -  This ministry seeks to offer spiritually-based individual and family counseling services to members who may be experiencing a variety of emotional and psychological problems. Mostly lay counselors will provide these services to members of New Bethel under the guidance and supervision of a licensed mental health professional. 


  • On-Going Support Groups  - These groups were designed to provide support and encouragement to members having specific problems.  These groups are focused on communal support and facilitating fellowship and discussion. Group topics may include grief and loss, overcoming abuse, managing depression, and more. 


Wedding Planning
The ceremony of marriage is always a cause for celebration at New Bethel.  We provide a Wedding Planning Guide to help you through planning your wedding at New Bethel, including the services we offer and fees.  You can also contact the church office to schedule an appointment with a member of the Wedding Council – a special committee designed specifically to assist with the execution of wedding ceremonies and receptions.


Infant Dedication
Dedicating infants to the Lord can be traced back to the Old Testament when Hannah, who was barren, was blessed with a son, Samuel, whom she dedicated to the service of the Lord because she was grateful for the Lord’s grace and favor (I Samuel 1:19-28).  You can show the Lord your gratefulness for your child as well by giving him/her back to the Lord and identifying godparents who can assist with rearing your child in a godly manner.  Infant dedications need to be scheduled through the church office.  When you make the appointment, you can also discuss adding music and photos of your family to the service. 


At New Bethel, we hold that baptism by water is a symbol of baptism by the Spirit.  If you join the church as a candidate for baptism, you will be baptized as a symbol of your faith and the burial of your old life (i.e., plunging into the water) and the emerging of your new life in Christ (i.e., rising up from the water).  Baptisms occur every first Tuesday evening during the PHAT Tuesday Bible Study service.  Immediately following service, you will receive the right-hand of fellowship as a new member of New Bethel.  Contact the church office for more information.