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Pastoral Care

The Department of Pastoral Care



The Department of Pastoral Care uses prayer, scripture, and brotherly love to help those who are hurting spiritually, emotionally, and/or spiritually to restore their spiritual connection with God in order to receive their healing and overcome their trials. 


Grief Support Services

Transitioning through the death of a loved one can be one of the most challenging times an individual has to endure.  Knowing this, New Bethel has ministries in place which are specially designed to extend much needed comfort, encouragement, and support to bereaved members and their families. These ministries also seek to meet the physical needs of the bereaved, who may be in need of food or other necessities. 

There are two ministries associated with grief support:


  • Barnabas Ministry – The purpose of this ministry is to provide prayer, comfort, and support to bereaved members and their families.  Ministry members visit the homes of the bereaved at least once to offer their condolences as well as minister to and fellowship with them and their families as appropriate.  


  • Good Samaritan Ministry – This ministry was designed to provide comfort, assistance, and meals for bereaved families in the church.  Ministry members organize the preparation of food and/or food baskets and then deliver the food to the homes of the bereaved families the evening before the funeral. They also extend comfort and prayer to the families at the time of food delivery, ensuring they are strengthened for the day ahead.


Member Support Services
The Pastoral Care Department also provides services to members who have various emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments that may cause them to separate from the Church.  These Member Support ministries seek to facilitate healing for the member, thus strengthening and restoring them, as well as maintaining connections with them, reminding them that, regardless of their circumstances, they are still an important part of the church body. 


  • Visitation Ministry – The purpose of this ministry is to provide prolonged visits to members who are in the hospital, convalescent homes, jails, or who are confined to their homes.  Members of this ministry spend time sitting with the member who is afflicted and offer them comfort, assistance, support, and friendship. 


  • Intercessory Prayer Ministry – To assist with the move of the Spirit into the lives of congregation members, this ministry was designed to provide prayer cover for those who may be experiencing a variety of problems in their personal lives and desire intercession.  Services offered include weekly prayer meetings where members can receive individual prayer for their special needs as well as pray collectively with other members.


  • Good Shepherd Ministry – The scripture indicates that a good shepherd will leave the 99 sheep to find the one lost sheep.  Building on this premise, the purpose of this ministry is to aid in contacting members who have been absent from the church for unknown reasons as well as those who are temporarily away from church due to the pursuit of educational ventures, military service, incarceration, job assignments, etc.