Youth and Young Adult Bible Study, Tuesdays at 6pm

Bible Studies

Growing in sound, Biblical doctrine is a foundational principle of New Bethel.  We believe that the power of God’s Word is life-transforming and we take every opportunity to instill His Word into our members, regardless of age or level of spiritual maturity. 


PHAT Tuesday Bible Study


New Bethel’s weekly Bible study classes, which include Preaching, Healing, and Teaching (PHAT), provide the attendees with a more in depth study of the Bible and discussion of theological issues with the Senior Pastor.  While the Senior Pastor typically teaches at these evening classes, there are times when, instead of teaching, the service may include guest preachers or other forms of ministering.  Bible study starts at 7:00pm with praise and worship.  PHAT Tuesday takes place during the school year from September to June.


Young Disciples in Training


In order to raise empowered disciples in Christ, the Word of God has to be sown deep into people’s hearts early in life.  YDT, the youth-based counterpart of PHAT Tuesday Bible Study, embraces this concept and seeks to plant God’s message deep into the hearts of children, starting at age 2.  By creating a safe and friendly environment, this body of ministries teaches children, youth, and young adults scripture passages and Biblical concepts in a manner that is developmentally appropriate.  A carefully selected curriculum is used to engage the students while spiritually nourishing them.

YDT classes meet during the Tuesday Bible Study.  The youth and children engage in praise and worship in the main sanctuary with the adults and then are dismissed to their classes.  The Tuesday night youth classes include:


  • Kingdom Heirs – Recognizing children as heirs to the Kingdom of God, this ministry teaches children between the ages of 2 and 12 foundational Biblical scriptures and concepts as well as songs and hymns.  Children memorize scripture, learn about giving back to God, and participate in Biblically-based plays and activities which enliven and facilitate their retention of the curriculum.


  • Kingdom Builders – Understanding adolescents want to build upon their current level of Biblical knowledge and construct their own identities in Christ, this area of YDT teaches adolescents, aged 13 to 16, more advanced Biblical principles and challenges them to think more critically about their spiritual life.  Students of this ministry will also be given the opportunity to assess their spiritual gifts and use them in a variety of ways in the Church.


  • Chain Breakers – Young adults, ages 17 to 25, exist in a pivotal era of spiritual development where, despite their Biblical roots, their own curiosity about the natural world as well as the pressures and temptations emanating from that world often envelop them and pull them away from the faith of their youth.  Tackling personal and even controversial life issues, this ministry was designed to teach young adults about spiritual warfare and how to use scripture, prayer, and worship to break the chains of the mind and the spirit that may bind them.


Discipleship Training

Discipleship training is a central aspect of Christian Education.  The primary focus is teaching the Word of God to all members of New Bethel, meeting them at their natural and spiritual level of development and facilitating their continual growth in Biblical knowledge and their personal relationship with Christ.


Membership Training (Sunday School) – Members of all ages are encouraged to participate in Sunday morning membership training, designed to teach them the Word of God using innovative and engaging teaching methods as well as engaging curriculum for their age group.


New Members’ Training – This class was designed to provide new members, who may be newly converted or seasoned saints, with New Bethel’s philosophies on major Biblical concepts (e.g., baptism, communion) and to also guide them into understanding their spiritual gifts and areas of service within the Church where they can exercise those gifts.