Youth and Young Adult Bible Study, Tuesdays at 6pm

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There are three ways to join the church body of New Bethel:

• Confession of Faith and Baptism – For those who have never confessed Jesus as Lord, they may join the church through public confession that Jesus is Lord, He died for our sins, and He will be returning one day to gather us into His Kingdom.  As a symbol of their commitment to “bury” their old selves and be born again in Christ, individuals who confess Christ are then baptized at first PHAT Tuesday worship services and participate in New Members’ Training.

• Letter – If an individual has been baptized and has been an active member of a different church but believes that the Lord has led them to join New Bethel, they may do so by letter.  This means that they obtain a letter from their current church indicating this member has decided to severe their membership with them and be joined to New Bethel where they will continue to grow in their relationship with Christ. 

• Restoration – Individuals may also join the church through the process of restoration.  This means that a person has confessed Christ as Lord at some point in their lives but have strayed from their commitment to Christ and have not been active in a church for at least six months.  In this case, an individual may join the New Bethel by declaring their desire to be restored and participating in the New Members’ Training.