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Support Ministries

Several ministries exist within the Church whose primary objective is to support other bodies of ministry in their efforts to fulfill the visions of their departments.  These ministries each specialize in a particular area of service and offer those services to all ministries.


Beautification Committee - In such cases where decorations are needed, ministries may request the services of this committee who will work tirelessly to create the requested atmosphere.


Culinary Arts Ministry - This ministry was designed to meet the culinary needs of the Church.  Its volunteers prepare and serve free meals for the congregation following various worship serves and also provide prepared meals for a donation. 


Catering Services - This division of the Culinary Arts Ministry was designed to provide quality food and beverage service to the Church family and members of the community. This ministry also offers culinary training and development for youth and adults by providing structured classes in menu planning and costing, food preparation, serving and setup.


Transportation Ministry - This ministry operates to ensure that members and, in certain cases, nonmembers who do not have transportation to church-related activities can receive transportation to the church and back to their homes. 


Church Safety Ministry - This ministry was designed to establish security measures to protect the Church members from any potential threats to their safety and dispel any disruptions during services or events to prevent escalation.


Media/Marketing Ministry - This ministry was developed to communicate news regarding church-related events and activities to the congregation and the surrounding community using printed, video, and electronic media.

  • Photography Ministry  - This ministry is responsible for taking pictures during church-related events which can be used in keepsake books,  calendars, and future advertisements to promote particip