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Worship & the Arts

The Department of Worship



Oftentimes people arrive at a worship service weakened and burdened with their worries.  The Department of Music and Worship is charged with the task of using their musical gifts and talents to refocus people’s minds on the goodness of God rather than on their troubles. By engaging the congregation in songs of praise, the Holy Spirit is ushered in to break the fallow ground of their hearts and minds in preparation for the Word to be sown.



Vocal Worship Ministry – The Vocal Worship Ministry consists of New Bethel’s Mass Choir, Male Chorus, Praise Team, Youth and Children’s Choir, and the Golden Voices (Senior’s Choir).  Serving on a rotating schedule, each vocal ensemble provides selections at worship services and special events. 


Liturgical Arts Ministry – The Liturgical Arts Ministry consists of both mime and praise dance groups which minister during designated worship services and special events.  The groups consist of youth and adults. 


Audio/Visual Ministry – The Audio/Visual Ministry prepares and operates the sound system/equipment and video screens during worship services and other activities in the Church as necessary.  This ministry works closely with the Media/Marketing Ministry to provide visual announcements and presentations on behalf of the Church or individual ministries. 


Ushers’ Ministry – Ushers are the “doorkeepers” of the sanctuary; they are primarily responsible for establishing order and minimizing disruption and confusion during the service.  They also welcome people into the sanctuary, assisting them as necessary, and distribute programs and relevant literature during service. 

There are two sub-ministries to the Usher’s Ministry:


  • Greeters’ Ministry – The greeters are the hospitable branch of the Ushers’ Ministry.  Their primary responsibility is to ensure that each person who enters the Church feels welcomed and important, from the parking lot to the sanctuary.


  • Junior Ushers’ Ministry – This ministry utilizes the youth and children to serve the same duties as the adult Ushers’ Ministry.  They typically serve one Sunday per month and at select special events.


Nurses’ Ministry – Nurses tend to the emotional and physical needs of the congregation during worship services.  In the event of an emergency, the nurses also tend to the physical needs of an individual until medical assistance arrives. 


Mothers’ Board The Mothers’ Board are responsible for preparing the alter and sacrament for communion and assisting the Deaconess with baptism as necessary.