Youth and Young Adult Bible Study, Tuesdays at 6pm

Christian Living

The Department of Christian Living



The Department of Christian Living bridges the gap between Biblical knowledge and spiritual wisdom by teaching members how to apply their scriptural knowledge to their daily lives and guiding them through practical problems using Biblical truths. 




Women of Worship (WOW) – The purpose of this group is to provide women of all ages a space to gather and exchange their knowledge in order to strengthen one another and propel each other into a deeper relationship with Christ.


Junior Red Circle –This youth ministry seeks to mentor young girls (ages 4 to 17 years old) toward discovering God’s plan and purpose for their lives. The girls will also discuss issues which are relevant to their stage of life, learn feminine etiquette, and receive support for their physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual development.


Men's Ministry – This group provides men of all ages a space to discuss their challenges and learn from one another’s experiences in order to strengthen one another spiritually and emotionally. 


Boys to Men – In this ministry, young boys (ages 4 to 17) are mentored in their spiritual development and masculine identity.  They will learn how to be men of God and an example to other young men of true Christian character.


Students Worshipping and Glorifying God (SWAGG) – Aimed toward college students, this group seeks to assist young adults in overcoming their personal obstacles by standing on the principles of God’s Word and leaning on each other for support and fellowship.


Singles Taking Active Roles (STAR) – This singles group focuses on all unmarried adults and offers them fellowship opportunities and practical guidance based on experience and Biblical knowledge.

Covenant Keepers – This ministry, specially designed for married couples, seeks to strengthen and enrich the marital bond between Christian husbands and wives and help them navigate through marital challenges through the study of God’s Word pertaining to marriage.


Crowns of Splendor – This seniors group was designed to encourage seniors to remain actively involved with one another and with the Church body, promoting spiritual development, physical activity through fellowship, and stimulating discussions on topics relevant to their generation.


Health Care Ministry – Qualified nurses and other health professionals organize this ministry with the purpose of assisting the congregation and the community at large in achieving optimal physical health and well-being.  Health-related workshops and classes, health fairs, and printed literature and informational sessions are utilized to raise awareness about common health problems, offer solutions, and enhance understanding of the connection between physical well-being and spiritual well-being. 

New Bethel Sports League – The sports ministry was designed to not only provide the congregation with opportunities to engage in physical exercise but also to promote fellowship and unity.  Bowling, basketball, softball, and many other sports teams have been created and are open to congregation members.  Enrollment fees apply.